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Appropriate Network Security Solutions
PLANET has launched the CS-950 Next-Generation UTM Content Security Gigabit Gateway, it is an all-in-one appliance and carries several main categories across your network security deployments: firewall security protection, policy auditing (content filtering, VPN, and authentication), and easy management (CMS, up to 50 wireless AP control and flow analysis). VLAN, QoS and Outbound Load Balance can improve the network efficiency, Web-based interface provides friendly and consistent user experience.

Excellent ability in Threat Defense
The CS-950 adopts Clam AV for virus scanning which can detect over 800,000 kinds of viruses, worms, and Trojans. Once suspicious emails are detected, the CS-950 will modify the subject and record the mail. It also deploys multi-spam filters, auto learning, and personal Blacklist/Whitelist. These help companies create their own database by importing the latest spam update.

An advanced protection of UTM, the co-defense SNMP switch can be known on which computer and which switch port at the earliest possible time which prevents business network from failure, and monitor network-attached devices for conditions that warrant administrative attention.

Moreover, it builds in SPI firewall and IDP function to provide DoS detection and block concealed malicious code or worms delivered in TCP/IP protocols. As soon as an attack is suspected, CS-950 will immediately notify the IT administrator and later an extensive range of reports will be available for analysis.

Anti-malware protection and application optimization
AntiVirus, AntiSpam, IDP, DOS/SPI Firewall and Application Control
Content Filtering to deny access to Websites that are malicious
IPv6, Smart QoS, Outbound Load Balancing that increase bandwidth productivity
Excellent SSL VPN, IPSec VPN and PPTP Server/Client connectivity
Integrated co-defense SNMP switch and AP controller as central monitor to provide flexible deployment options