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Just "Plug and Watch" for a Quick Solution
PLANET GSW-2620VHP is an ideal Plug and Watch Power over Ethernet solution which provides quick installation, real-time PoE work status monitoring and immediate troubleshooting through its unique LCD display to improve work efficiency and quality without any PC or software required.

The GSW-2620VHP is equipped with 24 10/100/1000BASE-T ports with each port taking up 30 watts of PoE+ power, and 2 extra 1000BASE-X SFP slots with inner power system. With a total PoE+ power budget of 300 watts and non-blocking data switching performance, the GSW-2620VHP can fulfill the demand of sufficient PoE power for HD IP surveillance.

Smart and Intuitive LCD Control
The GSW-2620VHP provides an intuitive color panel on its front panel that facilitates the Ethernet management and PoE PD management. They greatly promote management efficiency in large-scale network, such as enterprises, hotels, shopping malls, government buildings, and other public areas, and feature the following special management and status functions:

  • PoE management and status
  • Port management and status
  • Switch mode: Standard, VLAN, Extend
  • Budget and bandwidth control
  • PD alive check
  • Maintenance: Screen saver, fan control and factory default
300-watt PoE budget
5 manual buttons for LCD Management
2 1000BASE-X mini-GBIC SFP interfaces
Extend Mode features 30-watt PoE transmit distance of 250m at speed of 10Mbps.
VLAN Mode to isolate ports to prevent broadcast storm and defend DHCP spoofing
Power low-voltage, power over-voltage and PSE over-temperature protection