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To fulfill the demand of automation and data exchange for industrial 4.0 infrastructure, PLANET IMG-110T can act as a conversion bridge between the industrial equipment with the Modbus RTU/ASCII Protocol and the administrator workstations that run the Modbus TCP/IP Protocol. The advantage of having the IMG-110T is to assist users to build an industrial environment between the Modbus TCP/IP Protocol and the Modbus RTU/ASCII Protocol easily, thus offering an application solution to the industrial control equipment without Ethernet ports. The industrial control equipment can only control through an industrial PC workstation or industrial control panel.

The IMG-110T shows the details of the total bytes transmitted and received on the RS422/485 serial interface, and the detailed total number of frames transmitted and received on the remote web/telnet management interface.

Stable Performance in Hardened Environment Design
The IMG-110T is equipped with a compact IP30-rated metal case that allows wall mounting for efficient use of cabinet space; its operating temperature ranging from -40 to 75 degrees C allows the IMG-110T to be placed in almost any difficult environment.

Cost effective for RS422/RS485 to Fast Ethernet 10/100BASE-TX application
Built-in IP-based Web interface and telnet interface for remote management
RTU Master, RTU Slave, ASCII Master, and ASCII Slave four serial operation modes
Master mode supports 32 slave TCP connection requests; slave mode supports 16 TCP master connections
PLANET Modbus Gateway utility & Smart Discovery utility support
2-contact terminal block connector for DC 9-48V power input