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Highly Convenient and Robust Industrial Ultra PoE Splitter
PLANET IPOE-171S is an Industrial grade Ultra PoE Splitter which delivers the Gigabit Ethernet data with power over UTP cable and separates the digital data and the power stream into the selectable 12V or 24V DC, a maximum of 95-watt power output to non-PoE powered Ethernet device up to 100 meters away.

Wide-ranging Power over 4-Pair UTP
The plug and play Ultra PoE splitter forwards a wide range of power to high-power required non-PoE devices such POS, digital signage and security access controller system, and makes them become PoE-ready immediately without any modification required on their side. The IPOE-171S frees the device deployment from restrictions due to power outlet locations, which greatly eliminate the costs for additional AC wiring and reduce the installation time.

Environmentally Hardened Design
With compact, slim type IP30 industrial case protection, the space-saving IPOE-171S can work stably and reliably in almost any difficult environment with temperature range from -40 to 75 degrees C. It is the ideal solution to transferring data and power to traditional network devices in those harsh environments.

12V/24V DC power output by DIP switch
Distance up to 100 meters (max.)
Complies with 802.3bt type 4 Ultra Power over Ethernet
-40 to 75 degrees C operating Temperature
IP30 metal case, DIN rail and wall mount design