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Advanced 802.3bt Ultra PoE Network Solution
The POE-171A-60 is a Single-Port, 802.3bt Power over Ethernet Injector with a maximum of up to 60 watts of power output over Ethernet cables. Backward compatible with both 802.3af/at PoE standards, the POE-171A-60 allows users to flexibly deploy standard and high powered devices to transfer data and power simultaneously through one Ethernet cable for up to 100 meters. The POE-171A-60 frees the security IP camera and wireless AP deployment from restrictions of power outlet locations and the additional AC wiring. It thus reduces cables and eliminates the need for electrical outlets on the wall or ceiling, and most of all, it reduces installation time.

Intelligent LED Indicator for PoE Mode and Real-time PoE Usage
The POE-171A-60 was built in Legacy mode to provide the power to those PD devices that do not fully follow the IEEE 802.3af/at/bt standard. Moreover, the POE-171A-60 helps users to monitor the current status of PoE power usage easily and efficiently via its advanced LED indication. "PoE Power Usage" displayed on the panel of the POE-171A-60 has three LED indicators of different power usages. Via the power usage LED, the POE-171A-60 enables the administrator to monitor the status of the power usage of the connected PDs in real time.

Complies with IEEE 802.3af/at/bt PoE end-span/mid-span PSE
Up to 60W PSE Power injection
DIP switch for Standard mode or Legacy mode provides flexibility
3 real-time PoE power usage indicators
Solid wall mount or DIN-rail mount installation