PLANET to Present Cutting-edge Green IP Surveillance Solution at ISC West 2016
PLANET Technology, a global leading IP-based networking company, will participate in ISC West 2016 (Booth no. 25103), the world’s largest security trade show, in Las Vegas on April 6 - 8, 2016. PLANET will exhibit the latest total IP Surveillance Solutions that bring the benefits of intelligent management, energy saving and enhanced security to both businesses and homes where IoT and IoV applications are utilized to make their environments more efficient and effective.

As for a secure surveillance network, PLANET will introduce the Taiwan Excellence awarded Cloud Home Automation solutions at ISC West. Among the solutions, PLANET’s new IP door phone and outdoor intercoms will be particularly presented to help residences, communities and buildings to apply the smart surveillance system with ease. PLANET will also exhibit its latest series of IP cameras complying with H.265 and EN50155 technologies, and intelligent license plate recognition functions. Besides, its 64-ch Windows-based NVR and central management software will be demonstrated on-site to further enhance the efficiency of the IP surveillance management.

To enhance the infrastructure of IP surveillance network, PLANET will showcase a new series of 60-watt Ultra PoE switches/injectors/splitters, Solar Power PoE managed switches and Long Reach PoE switches/injectors which feature PLANET’s unique and intelligent PoE management functions. The state-of-the-art PoE equipment enables any PoE compliant IP cameras, IP video servers, access control or wireless APs to be conveniently installed indoors or outdoors, thus making the surveillance network deployment highly flexible and the management of surveillance monitoring more efficient. Moreover, the power consumption of every connected PoE device in the surveillance system can be centrally managed for energy saving, thus keeping costs down.

Apart from the surveillance facilities for homes and businesses, PLANET innovative Industrial Flat-type Ethernet products and weather-proof PoE managed switches/extenders will be displayed. These products, designed specifically for harsh or vibrating environments, are not only equipped with intelligent PoE features but also Layer 2+ security management, and durable for operations under wide temperature range from -40 to 70 degrees C. They all aim to provide industry automation, transportation or any other kind of hardened environment with a more convenient and more secure IP surveillance network.