Corporate Citizenship

PLANET makes corporate social responsibility a part of its core business strategy as well as the bedrock upon which its core values and culture are based. We closely monitor economic, environmental and social issues across the world so as to optimize our corporate governance and fulfill our corporate commitments. We proactively engage in environmental protection and social welfare activities, and maintain a healthy and efficient corporate structure. All these commitments have further enhanced the value of our brand. We strongly believe that only enterprises that embrace social accountability for various aspects of society can secure the recognition of all stakeholders and realize sustainable development.

CSR Blueprint

PLANET strongly focuses on meeting the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria to ensure sustainable investment, and proactively integrates the UN’s SDGs with its sustainable development. We will continue to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and strive for globally sustainable economic, social and environmental developments.

Our mission of corporate social responsibility:

  • Implementing sound corporate governance
    Ensures the adherence of code of business ethics, the independence of the Board, transparent disclosure of financial information, protection of shareholders' interests, labor rights and fair competition
  • Achieving highest level of corporate commitment
    Commitment to customers and suppliers, employees training and care, and R&D innovations
  • Striving for environmental sustainability
    Promotes recycling, energy saving and carbon reduction, green product development and manufacturing
  • Contributing in social activities to create long-term benefits
    Applies the standards of business practice to social participation, aiming at create positive impacts on the society in the long run

Therefore, our corporate commitments are:

  • Maintains strong corporate governance and adhere to the law and business ethics
  • Provides employees a healthy and safe working place
  • Protects employees working interests, and supports to fully develop their talents and capabilities
  • Invests on eco-friendly product research and development, actively involves in environmental protection and energy saving education
  • Creates a win-win partnership with customers and suppliers
  • Provides transparent disclosure of financial information
  • Creates value and enhances shareholders’ interests
  • Fulfills our role as a global corporate citizen and contributes to the community

PLANET upholds the spirit of corporate social responsibility and fully integrates CSR in all aspect of the way it does business. By the implementation of CSR policies and missions, PLANET makes CSR part of its corporate “DNA” and solidify its corporate culture which is characterized by integrity and commitment to highest quality and environmental protection.

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSR Committee) is the top decision-making body for CSR issues at PLANET. CSR goals are set by the CSR Committee based on the sustainable development direction of PLANET after considering the key issues of concern to stakeholders. The company takes a strategic, long-term approach to regularly reviewing the accomplishment of goals and performance, so as to make its CSR practices reach the desired breadth and depth, and to satisfy the investors (shareholders), employees, customers, suppliers, communities, regulators, special interest groups and other relevant stakeholders.

The committee was originally formed for the operational requirements of the company. To comprehensively strengthen the CSR policy and its implementation, PLANET, on December 22, 2020, formally incorporated the CSR committee into the board of directors as one of its functional committees, which was comprised of five committee members, including three independent directors.

  • Corporate Governance
    • The “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles“, the “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles“, and the “Code of Conducts” are complied with, to established the effective governance framework and ethical standards. These are reviewed and improved from time to time. The issues regarding environment, social and corporate governance are reported to the Board of Directors for their treatment.
  • Sustainable Production
    • Eco-friendly product design: using energy-saving chips for the development and design of green products.
    • Sustainable sourcing & Green: the environmental components certified by the 3rd party certifiers are used for the components of products, complying with RoHS of EU, REACH, WEEE, EuP directives, and halogen free requirements. The procurement of product components complies with the managerial regulations of green procurement.
    • Quality Control: product and material inspection to ensure product quality.
  • Promotion of Environment Protection
    • Ensures a safe workplace.
    • Energy-saving and carbon reduction for product development and workplace.
  • Social Participation
    • Social Participation: PLANET Educational Charitable Trust is established to help support the disadvantaged children as well as to promote education to enhance human resource quality.
    • Corporate Commitment: Provide employees with a happy and safe working environment and care for their physical and mental health.

PLANET issues yearly Corporate Social Responsibility Report* since 2011 to illustrate its practices and achievements on corporate governance, corporate commitment, environmental protection and social participation as well as its goal of sustainable development.

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