Social Participation

PLANET believes in giving back to the society. In particular, we are devoted in education-related initiatives and attempts to promote positive community relationship. We encourage employee participation in various volunteer activities and believe that such social involvement will bring happiness to our employees and spirit of teamwork to the company.

PLANET Educational Charitable Trust

The first public trust fund in Taiwan focusing on education support

PLANET founded “PLANET Educational Charitable Trust “ to help support the disadvantaged children as well as to promote education to enhance human resource quality. It is the first trust fund in Taiwan focusing on education and attends to improve the quality of human resources.

Education Support from PLANET Educational Charitable Trust
Category Theme
1. Education for disadvantaged students in primary and secondary school
  • » After-school tutoring
  • » Counseling and Psychological Service
2. Post-secondary students volunteering
  • » International volunteer services
  • » Scholarships
3. Life and Social Education
  • » Life/Career education for corporate executives
4. Art Education/Appreciation
  • » Promotes folk culture and education
  • » Delivers meaningful songs to school
Educational Program for Disadvantaged Children

PLANET has been devoted to psychological counseling and after-school tutoring for disadvantaged children. The program targets children who are slower-learner or those with emotional or behavioral problems. The goal is to assist them in developing positive learning attitude and in shaping a healthy mindset and integrity. We apply our management discipline in integrating resources and developing systematic approach to extract values and benefits from different sources, including teachers, volunteers to create win-win situation to the school, the family and the society in general.

PLANET “Angel of the Night” Volunteer Service

PLANET “Angel of the Night” program provides after-school care for urban aboriginal students. Our employees enthusiastically volunteered to accompany aboriginal students care during off-work hours, putting social service into practice.

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