Stakeholders Engagement

Stakeholder Identification

PLANET has many stakeholders with a wide variety of backgrounds. To identify the stakeholders who sufficiently represent their groups, we have referred to the five attributes in AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard 2015: Dependency, Influence, Tension, Responsibility and Diverse Perspectives. Seven groups of stakeholders have been identified based on their degree of significance, namely investors (shareholders), employees, customers, suppliers, government agencies, and NPO/NGO, communities.

Stakeholder Communication

PLANET engages its stakeholders in material topics through regular and irregular communication channels, through which the stakeholders contribute to the results from various angles and present diverse social values. Topics that are important to PLANET’s stakeholders are reviewed, and the response measures are also addressed in the relevant chapters of this Sustainability report.

Stakeholder Engagement Performance
Stakeholder Significance to PLANET Communication Channel Communication Frequency Concerned Issues Engagement Results
The long-term support of investors and shareholders is the driving force of PLANET's steady growth. All investors and shareholders of PLANET should be given equal access to material information. PLANET should uphold the principles of integrity and sustainability in its operations, keep information open and transparent, and protect the rights and interests of shareholders and investors. Shareholder meeting Once a year
  • Corporate governance & operation performance
  • Business integrity and legal compliance
  • Risk management
  • Protection of Privacy Right
  • Green products and innovative R&D
  • The company engages investors regularly or as needed to convey its business performance and future development.
  • Annual reports, quarterly financial statements, quarterly operation reports and monthly revenues are uploaded to the Stakeholders Zone of the corporate website.
  • A summary of comments gathered from investors and external parties is submitted quarterly to the Board of Directors and the executive management to provide a basis for the improvement of corporate governance and operations.
Investor Conference Twice a year
Stakeholder Zone of corporate website As needed
Audit Committee mailbox 24 hours of synchronous sending and receiving
Spokesperson’s and deputy spokesperson’s mailbox Open 24 hours a day
Market observation post system of competent authority As needed
Employees Employees are the most important partners of PLANET's sustainable development, the key to the enterprise's core competitiveness, and the most important foundation for sustainable operation. The company is committed to creating a diverse, equal and healthy working environment, hoping to grow and develop together with its employees and to share the benefits of sustainability with them. Performance assessment Once a year
  • Talent attraction and retention
  • Human rights
  • Diversified, equal and friendly workplace
  • Occupational safety and health
  • PLANET communicates with employees on company policies and directions through various channels, and it is open to employee feedback and adjusts strategies or proposals for improvement as appropriate.
  • PLANET organizes regular professional training courses, health and safety training program and fire drills.
Performance interview As needed
Mentor interview Timely Response
Care for seniors Timely Response
Employee Welfare Committee As needed
Competency Education and Training As needed
Employee Satisfaction Survey Once a year
Gender Equality Committee As needed
Feedback and grievance mailbox Timely Response
Labor Management Meeting Quarterly
Internal meetings As needed
Occupational Safety and Health Committee Quarterly
Customers Customers are important business partners of PLANET. The company listens to the needs of its customers and focuses on the needs of the customers to provide professional services. The company strives to master the trend of network communication industry, to help customers win market opportunities, to achieve customer goals and to grow together. PLANET is ready to join hands with customers to achieve low carbon and sustainability. Corporate social network website As needed
  • Product quality and safety
  • CRM
  • Corporate image
  • Green products and innovative Research & Development
  • Supply chain management
  • Protection of privacy right
  • Information security management
  • PLANET is constantly making improvements to customer service and stays in close communication with customers. The company protects client privacy and is always prepared to accept review requests from customers.
  • Visits and meetings between PLANET and its customers are arranged to strengthen the partnerships and create a win-win situation.
Partner Zone on corporate website As needed
Customer service, technical support, dedicated window and mailbox Timely Response
Product Education and Training As needed
Distributor conference As needed
Customer Satisfaction Survey Once a year
ESG/CSR Audit As needed
Suppliers Suppliers are PLANET's partners for sustainable operation and growth. The company hopes to establish sustainable partnership with suppliers to jointly implement corporate social responsibility. Dedicated buyer window As needed
  • Corporate governance and operational performance
  • Supply chain management
  • Green products and innovation research and development
  • PLANET conducts regular annual supplier audit, communicating with suppliers and actively responding to suppliers' concerns.
  • PLANET continues to encourage suppliers to minimize environmental impact and implement corporate social responsibility.
Supplier evaluation Once a year
Green supply chain management platform As needed
Supplier audit and coaching Quarterly
Supplier meetings As needed
Government Agencies Apart from complying with government regulations, PLANET actively supports government policies and engages government agencies in two-way open communication to win their trust, support, and cooperation. Market observation post system of competent authority As needed
  • Corporate governance & operations performance
  • Business integrity and legal compliance
  • Investor protection
  • Internationalization of capital market
  • Climate change
  • Information security management
  • PLANET works with government agencies regularly and as needed in implementing and coordinating related matters. The company also learns details of government regulations and assists in promoting them.
  • PLANET strictly observes laws and regulation and fully cooperates with government policies.
Symposiums/seminars, evaluations As needed
Official correspondence As needed
NPO/NGO As an ethical and responsible enterprise, PLANET understands the needs of nonprofit organizations. It promotes and practices the philosophy of giving back to the community and strives to exert positive influence on society. The goal is to achieve sustainability, harmony, and mutual benefits. Participation in relevant organizations As needed
  • Human rights
  • Corporate image
  • Environmental protection
  • Climate change
  • PLANET participates in Taipei Computer Association, National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association R.O.C., Taiwan-U.S. Business Alliance, Intelligent Computer & AIot Association and other organizations, and establishes enhanced communication mechanism with industry members.
  • PLANET works with NGO/NPOs on promotion of environment protection and social integration initiatives
Activities and cooperation As needed
Issue initiative As needed
Communities PLANET continues to maintain a good and interactive relationship with the communities and the society to help the communities grow together. Project cooperation As needed
  • Environmental protection
  • Social engagement and care
  • Corporate image
  • PLANET has implemented “Remedial education/psychological counseling for disadvantaged children” in 19 schools and organizations in Greater Taipei.
  • PLANET communicates via meetings, e-mail and telephones.
Opinion consultation As needed
Enterprise website As needed
Identification of Material Topics

The compilation of PLANET’s Sustainability report complies with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. Material Topics are analyzed by following the process, which consists of four steps, namely Identification, Prioritization, Validation and Review, to validate the scope of disclosure in the report as well as major internal/external sustainability challenges faced by PLANET. Annual material topics and stakeholders are reviewed annually by the Sustainable Development Committee and adjusted as appropriate.

Members of PLANET’s Sustainable Development Promotion Team assessed all these issues by "the degree of PLANET’s environmental, social and governance impacts on the entire society" and "the degree of influence over stakeholders' assessment and decision-making processes". The degree of influence and impact of individual issues were measured and quantified to create a preliminary materiality matrix.