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PoE Networking

PLANET provides a full range of Power over Ethernet (PoE) product lines from power sourcing equipment (PSE) to PoE powered devices (PD) covering both commercial and industrial applications. Featuring...

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Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure

PLANET Industrial Ethernet Solution, featuring secure management, user-friendly product design, and easy integration with SCADA/HMI system, guarantees reliable data transmission over 100Gbps for all a...

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PLANET Long Reach PoE Solution

When building IP network infrastructures, it is a big challenge for all IT administrators to set up networks in wide-ranging areas.  PLANET Long Reach Power over Ethernet (LRP) solution enables the deployment of IP network to be extended beyond the standard Ethernet distance of  100 meters (328 feet), while further providing the benefits of cost efficiency and 802.3bt high power supply.

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