In the broadband communication, fiber optic technology has become the mainstream for communities and telecom transmission deployment as it fulfills the cloud application, high-demanding multimedia streaming needs and a transmission distance of up to 120km. To satisfy the demand of the FTTx infrastructure, PLANET has come out with a complete product line of Fiber Switches, Fiber Routers, Metro Fiber Switches, Commercial and Industrial Media Converters, GPON/ GEPON OLT, GPON/ GEPON ONU, and PoE Media Converters. PLANET also provides a combined CO and CPE VDSL2 solution to meet the last mile transmission requirements.

FTTx / Metro Ethernet

To improve the technology of Optical Fiber Ethernet with highly-flexible, highly-extendable and easy-to-install features, the data exchange speed of Optical Fiber Ethernet is up to 100Gbps and the distance of Gigabit Optical Fiber is up to 120km. PLANET provides many kinds of Point-to-Multi Point Managed Fiber Switches and CPE especially for Metro Ethernet applications. The benefits of Metro Ethernet Switches include not only professional Internet Management Technology, such as IPv6/IPv4 Dual-Stack, Q-in-Q VLAN, Multicast, QoS, Security and High Availability, but also Optical Ethernet Internet Architecture up to 100Gbps to meet the needs of high-bandwidth multi-media. PLANET Metro Ethernet Switch Solution is the best choice to connect the enterprise, community and campus in the metropolitan area to backbone network for service providers.

Media Conversion

Media conversion is a cost-effective solution to extend fiber networking rapidly rather than adopting optical fiber only. It also efficiently helps to solve the distance limit between the Ethernet and Local Area Network. With the feature-rich chassis provided by PLANET, at least 16 converters can easily expand the fiber optic networks by simply plug and play. The wiring distance of PLANET media converter chassis is extendable from 2 to up to 120 kilometers and available upon request as well.

Building a network solution of FTTH (Fiber to the Home) or FTTC (Fiber to the Curb) for ISPs, PLANET Manageable family of media converter chassis and FST/GST converters offer the multiple selections for FTTx deployment. The Managed family is a series of managed Media Conversion Center that provides hot plug and play slots for various types of converters. Through the management interface, the entire status of the converters can be remotely controlled within the chassis from on/off and status/statistics of ports, as well as the advanced features like redundant links.

PLANET Last Mile Transmission Solution includes 3 different kinds of technologies, such as VDSL2, GPON/ GEPON, and Fiber for various applications. For each technology, PLANET provides not only CO (Central Office) side of equipment for ISP but also CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) side of device for end users. PLANET Last Mile CO equipment including GPON/ GEPON OLT, Fiber Switches and CPE devices including VDSL2 Routers, GPON/ GEPON ONU, and Fiber Routers enable long distance IP Surveillance deployment and many multimedia services to be realized on local high speed Internet, such as:

PLANET Last Mile Transmission Solution with the combination of CO and CPE provides the excellent bandwidth to satisfy the triple play devices for home entertainment and communication.


PLANET VDSL2 Solution contains various VDSL2 CPE models including VDSL2 Routers and VDSL2 Bridge/Modem for telecoms, ISPs, SIs, IP Surveillance providers, etc. The total VDSL2 solution offers the absolutely fastest data transmission speeds over existing cooper telephone lines without the need of rewiring.

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