Need a smarter way to manage your network?

To all the MIS engineers tired of bringing in laptops to data center in order to fix networking problems, now with PLANET’s exclusive color touch LCD design, a revolutionary solution to the daily work, enterprises will be able to save an incredible amount of time and costs while managing large-scale networks.

PLANET developed the world’s first Color Touch LCD Ethernet Switch that features quick installation, and real-time monitoring of data transmission and PoE status. With the intuitive Touch LCD control, IT technicians are able to do immediate troubleshooting such as cable diagnostics and centralized network equipment identification, without having to log in to a computer, which greatly enhance the network management efficiency.

PLANET exclusive color touch LCD  features PoE, Onvif, Flat-type and Information Security

This cutting-edge Plug and Watch Ethernet solution makes the operation of the network management simple and efficient for SMBs, enterprises, warehouses, factories, hotels, government buildings, and other public areas.

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