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Long Reach PoE Networking

PLANET Long Reach PoE Solution consists of LRP Switches, LRP Injectors and LRP Extenders which allow your IP network infrastructure to be deployed flexibly anywhere at long range...

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Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure

PLANET Industrial Ethernet Solution is highly-reliable and secure to ensure continuous operation in harsh environments such as factories, outdoors, and places at extreme temperatures...

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PLANET Serial Device Servers: Integrating Legacy Devices into IoT

PLANET ICS Serial Device Server Series is specially designed to convert RS232, RS422 or RS485 serial communication to IoT and TCP/IP networking. It makes the connected legacy serial devices become IP-based facilities and is able to connect to the industrial Ethernet network allowing serial and Ethernet communications to connect efficiently and inexpensively. Featuring Remote Web Management, VCOM Utility, Redundant Power and Alarm Function, the ICS Series is a time-saving and cost-effective solution with no need of replacing the existing serial equipment and software system.

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