Create a Smart and Secure Home

PLANET Home Automation Solution helps you:

  • Enhance Home Security with Z-Wave® Sensor and Intelligent IP Surveillance System
  • Control your home via intuitive user-friendly Touch Screen Video Intercom
  • Remotely Access through mobile app
  • Hands-free Control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Monitor Home Energy Consumption by Cloud Data Analysis
Total Solution to Smart Home

PLANET Smart Home Solution provides users with a comprehensive product portfolio covering Z-Wave home automation control gateway, Z-Wave Plus smart sensor, door phone, IP surveillance, and more, all powered by a PLANET PoE switch. Provided under one roof, these smart devices can be easily and quickly made available to your needs. The gateway controls all Z-Wave wireless devices regardless of brands as they are based on the Z-Wave technology. With PLANET Z-Wave home automation control gateway and cloud home app, your home can be turned into a smart and secure one where lighting control, window blinds, home security monitoring of access control with PLANET intercom system and door locks, thermostats including smoke, temperature and humidity, energy management, visual reporting, and more can be managed from anywhere, whether you are at home or office, or somewhere on the road, with smart phones, tablets or other mobile devices.

Moreover, PLANET Z-Wave home automation control gateway supports hands-free control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, greatly leveraging the convenience of home automation management.

Cloud Home Automation Solution

PLANET Cloud Home Automation Solution is integrated with Z-Wave technology and IP networking to deliver real-time information to a cloud server for controlling and monitoring all home facilities. With the PLANET Home Automation Solution, you can enjoy a smart, safe and user-friendly lifestyle.

Conveniently Control your Home

The VTS-700P is an all-in-one smart SIP Indoor Touch Screen PoE Video Intercom. Its built-in system integrates various smart home applications including real-time monitoring, access control, intercom, security, scene mode control, and value-added services.

The possibilities are endless.
The only limitation is your imagination!

When everything at home is connected, with the touch of a finger, your home can come to life. Just reach for your smartphone and check. It only takes one swipe to do it all: change the temperature, turn off the lights, lock the doors, arm the security system, and start off to a great day. Remembering the details has never been this easy.

Enhance Home Security

The HZS series (Z-Wave Sensing Device) from PLANET Home Automation product family comes with an advanced security system protecting your home and family 24/7. Easy operation and flexible configuration are the highlighted features for our system.

• Smoke Detection and Vocal Alarm

Upon detection of smoke or fire, the ceiling-mounted Z-Wave Smoke Detector triggers the built-in vocal alarm and sends immediate notification through Cloud Home App.

• PIR/Motion detection

The Z-Wave Motion Sensor detects movement via infrared technology. This helps users to monitor baby room, suspicious intrusion, or dangerous item dropping.

• Access Control with 4-in-1 Sensor

The Z-Wave Sensor sends instant alert to user when unexpected visitor opens a door or window, or when there is a change in humidity, luminosity and temperature.

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