Fast and Secure Network Solution for EV Charging Stations

Renewable power to achieve power independence from green energy to transmit power and data

Renewable Power

Achieving power independence from green energy to transmit power and data

5G NR Signal to send data with high speed and low latency performance

5G NR Signal

Sending information with ultra-fast and low latency performance

PLANET Central network management to increase the IoT network operation

Central Network Management

Remote monitoring and management to increase the deployment efficiency

Charging stations for commercial electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming popular among consumers as more people want to save costs on fuel, reduce the usage of gasoline and reduce carbon emissions. These stations will usually provide useful information to the station operators such as accurate power measurement, device management and data security so that the operators can ensure the availability, timely maintenance and appropriate pricing policy adoption.

Challenges for implementing IoT network infrastructure for EV charging stations
What Network Conditions are Needed for EV Charging Stations?
  • Fast, accurate and efficient network to receive information
  • Stable and reliable data communication
  • Need to power the network at remote locations
What is the Solution?

A great option for remote EV station is to implement PLANET Renewable Energy PoE Network Solution. PLANET is the first in the industry to implement renewable energy technology into its network solutions. This enables the network to achieve power independence as well as reduce carbon emissions for a more sustainable network solution.

PLANET Renewable Energy PoE Network Solution provides outstanding deployment of EV stations:
  • Utilize renewable energy to accelerate sustainable environmental development
  • Off-grid technology to provide network power independence in remote or harsh areas
  • The 24V lithium or lead-acid battery gets recharged by way of the BSP-360 where solar power or other types of renewable energy are sourced
Using the PLANET BSP-360 renewable energy PoE managed to switch to transmit data and power to connected network devices
How Will the Solution Be Implemented?

A combination of PLANET’s wireless gateway, network management and renewable power PoE switch enables an efficient way to provide a complete network infrastructure for EV charging stations.

How to provide power and data
By utilizing a Renewable Power Managed Ethernet Switch (BSP-360), the network connectivity of the charging station can achieve power independence which is able to collect renewable power on its own and send data via the 5G NR Cellular Gateway (ICG-2515-NR) to the station operator.

How do drivers receive information about the EV charging stations?
The 5G NR signal from ICG-2515-NR will allow charging service providers to use their own apps to efficiently send useful information directly to the driver’s smartphone such as station locations, station availability, pricing information, etc. The driver will be able to check wherever there is a cellular signal, helping to fully integrate the EV charging station into the smart city network.

How to efficiently manage the network for EV charging stations
The entire network can be easily monitored and managed by the Renewable Energy Management Controller (NMS-360, NMS-360V) which can automatically detect up to 512 BSP-360. This allows the network management to be highly scalable based on the number of devices needed for the infrastructure. The controller can also enable sustainable energy management by monitoring the energy usage from PoE devices.

EV charging station network infrastructure topology using PLANET renewable energy PoE managed switch, management controller and 5G NR cellular gateway to manage devices and transmit information
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