PLANET Wins "Taiwan's Excellence in CSR Award" Again

PLANET Techonology Corporation, the global leading IP-based networking company, announced it was recognized as ‘2008 Taiwan’s Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) Award’ winner by CommonWealth Magazine, the most influential media in Taiwan. It was the second time that PLANET ranked among "2008 Top 10 Coporate Citizens" under the category of Medium-sized enterprises with an annual turnover below NT$ 20 billion. The competition for the 2008 survey was more intense than ever, as the winners were selected among an increasing number of 2,022 Taiwan’s public listed companies. PLANET outpaced other enterprises by environmental protection, innovation, and social engagement.

"Corporate citizenship is no longer merely a moral concept to which companies give lip service; it's the new battleground for corporate excellence.” According to the issue on 26th March of Common Wealth Magazine, PLANET has been honared again as Medium-sized enterprises Top 10 after receiving the award in 2007.

The CommonWealth 2008 CSR Survey takes as reference international indexes and measuring methods such as the United Nations, Global Compact, the OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. All the data scored and ranked was according to the following 4 main indicators:

• Corporate Governance : Independent board of directors, public financial records, profits growth, welfare of shareholders and customers;
• Corporate Commitment : Comitment to clients, employees cultivation, innovations;
• Social Participation : Social infleunce on community for a long term;
• Environmental Protection : Environmental protection and save energy.

“The presentation of the Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award will put the spotlight on those corporate citizens in Taiwan who are stepping ahead with great strides.” said Jack Chen, CEO of PLANET Technology, “we also expect the corporate citizens who march forward will help Taiwan keep pace with the world.”
According to CommonWealth Magazine, A survey of CEOs around the world conducted by international management consulting firm McKinsey & Company revealed that environmental issues, such as climate change, are foremost on the minds of corporate leaders. Aside from passively satisfying international indexes, Taiwan 's leading companies are beginning to stand up, expand their ambitions, and guide others in their supply chains to create a new green revolution. Meanwhile, responsible companies also make considerable efforts to raise the capabilities of their employees and customers and take actions to benefit society as a whole.

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