PLANET once again awarded ‘2010 Taiwan’s Excellence in CSR Award’

PLANET Technology Corporation, the global leading IP-based networking company, announced being newly awarded ‘2010 Taiwan’s Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award’ by Common Wealth Magazine, one of the most prestige business media in Taiwan. PLANET has been improved from 2009’s 5th ranking and was ranked the 4th among "2010 Top 50 Corporate Citizens" selected among 2,000 Taiwan’s public listed companies. PLANET continues to achieve this honor since 2007 and has been putting a lot of effort to incorporate social responsibility into our business strategies.

The CSR award winners were chosen through 4 main criteria: Corporate governance, Company commitment, Social involvement, and Environmental protection. To be eligible for this award, each company must continue to make profit for at least 3 consecutive years. PLANET demonstrated its ability to pursue corporate growth as well as social responsibility by winning this award.

Efforts PLANET put in the following criteria:

• Corporate Governance
2008 and 2009 continuous recognition in “Corporate Governance Systems Evaluation Certification” for the public listed companies from Corporate Governance Association in Taiwan to fulfill management responsibilities and to protect the rights of shareholders and customers.

• Company Commitment
Employee welfare, attending and training, Supports R&D innovation, Customer satisfaction, Internal promotion and enhancement of CSR, CSR incorporation in Supply Chain

• Social Involvement
PLANET founded Taiwan's first educational trust, in the hope of helping physically, mentally or economic challenged students to improve their studies and learning skills. We also encourage and make initiative for employee to participate community and public services.

• Environmental Protection
PLANET designs energy-saving and environmental protective products. PLANET also designs employee motivation systems for improving their physical and mental health. We were first certified ISO 14001 Certification to prove our commitment in making the earth a better planet.

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