PLANET Technology awarded “CG6007 Corporate Governance System Evaluation Certification”

PLANET Technology Corporation, the global leading IP-based networking company, announced it has newly awarded “CG6007 Corporate Governance System Evaluation Certification” from Taiwan Corporate Governance Association. This is the third consecutive time PLANET achieved this honor that again proven ours endeavors to elevate corporate value and strengthen shareholders rights.

Meanwhile, PLANET has three successive years of "A" ranking in “Information Transparency and Disclosure Ranking System” since 2009 among over 1,400 public listed companies in Taiwan. These achievements encourage us to continuously dedicate to corporate governance integrity and social responsibilities.

“Corporate governance” is a mechanism for managing enterprises to fulfill their management responsibilities while protecting the legitimate rights and interests of shareholders. It is also a crucial matter to shareholders especially after the financial crisis in 2008. By incorporating the global corporate governance trend and regulations in Taiwan, Taiwan Corporate Governance Association has set up high standards of corporate governance to evaluate the public listed companies in Taiwan through 80 indicators under 6 criteria:

Assuring the rights and interests of shareholder
Enhancing transparency of company information disclosure
Enhancing the functions of the board of directors
Effective management of the supervisors
Disciplines and communication of management team
Respecting the rights and interests of stakeholders and exercising social responsibilities

The evaluation serves as a major benchmark not only to keep the best of public listed companies in Taiwan but also to enhance the positive image of the Taiwan enterprises in the global economy.

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