PLANET Technology Chairman & CEO Receives '2019 Taiwan EY Sustainable Leader Entrepreneur Of The Year’

PLANET Technology Corporation, a global leading IP-based networking and communications company, announced that the Chairman & CEO Mr. Jack Chen has received ‘2019 Taiwan EY Sustainable Leader Entrepreneur Of The Year’, honoring Mr. Chen’s excellent entrepreneurships and performance in leading the company with continuous networking and communications innovations, and putting corporate social responsibility into practice.

Since PLANET Technology’s establishment in 1993, Mr. Jack Chen has led the company to the height of international recognition of its ‘PLANET’ brand attributed mainly to its on-going innovations of networking and communications. Mr. Chen first boosted the brand awareness of ‘PLANET’ in Europe, followed by the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. PLANET has now built up its distribution channels in more than 140 countries across 5 continents, making “PLANET” one of the leading brands in the global ICT market. At the same time, bucking the trend of digital transformation, PLANET has relentlessly developed high-quality networking and communications products in line with the IoT, IIoT and industry 4.0 technologies for building a network of smart cities, smart transportation, factory automation, home automation, etc. The company has developed a full range of IoT- and IIoT-based LAN switches, wireless LAN devices, fiber-optic connectivities, Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices, industrial network equipment and intelligent central management systems. Furthermore, PLANET offers comprehensive PoE solutions, Touch LCD Ethernet Switches with human interface, and Renewable Energy PoE Switches. Through its product innovations and branding, PLANET is always at the forefront of the competition; it was able to face the threats of global financial crisis in 2008 and low-cost competition from China in the 2010s.

With altruism as the core, Mr. Chen has also brought a CSR corporate culture into the company. The mechanism of corporate governance is actively improved on our daily business operations, making sure the sustainable developments of the company are achieved in ways that are beneficial to all our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, communities and so on. In 2004, Mr. Chen founded ‘PLANET Educational Charitable Trust’, the first public trust fund in Taiwan focusing on education support, to effectively run an educational program providing remedial teaching, psychological counseling, emotional therapy and other activities to the disadvantaged children who are slow learners or having emotional/behavioral issues. More than 8,000 disadvantaged children have regained their motivation and confidence in learning via this program over the past 15 years, substantially leveraging the quality of the human resources and the social development. In recent years, the CSR activities in PLANET have been carried out in response to the 17 goals of the UN’s 2030 agenda in order to achieve a sustainable development and a long-term positive influence on the society and environment as a whole.

Recognized globally, the ‘EY Entrepreneur Of The Year’ award honors the most outstanding entrepreneurs who build and lead businesses with innovation and inspire others with their vision, leadership and achievement. Created in the United States in 1986, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year program has grown to more than 145 cities in 60 countries, with awards presented to hundreds of the world’s most successful and innovative entrepreneurs. EY Taiwan firstly held this program in 2005 to recommend entrepreneurial excellence and models for the future entrepreneurs in Taiwan based on a global assessment criteria including entrepreneurial spirit, value creation, strategic direction, national and global impact, innovation, and personal integrity/purpose-driven leadership/social responsibility. The award is definitely the benchmark for all Taiwanese recipients in recognition of their world-class entrepreneurship.

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