PLANET Technology Announces New Slogan “Shaping Future Networking”

As a leading networking and communications brand, PLANET Technology has announced its new slogan “Shaping Future Networking” to show PLANET’s core value lies on its continuous innovation of transmission-based products in this digital era. The new slogan demonstrates PLANET’s dedication to taking part in shaping the future of networking by continuously providing innovative network solutions to seamlessly get intelligent, user-friendly and sustainable network applications connected.

PLANET has been focusing on the R&D of the transmission-based network and communications products and solutions since its establishment in 1993. With its own brand “PLANET”, PLANET has established distribution channels across the globe and is recognized as one of the top providers of network and communications products in the world. Jack Chen, the chairman and CEO of PLANET Technology, said, “Our new slogan Shaping Future Networking will definitely reinforce PLANET’s brand image to become a relentlessly innovative, high-quality and sustainable company. It also reinstates PLANET’s determination to provide high efficiency, energy-saving and user-friendly networking products, and central management platform to satisfy network infrastructural demands in every service sector. At the same time, PLANET also brings together our suppliers and worldwide distribution partners to implement social corporate responsibility as we move forward together with the notion of corporate sustainability and advancement”.

PLANET is one of the few brands in the industry that’s able to provide a comprehensive collection of both the commercial and the industrial grade network transmission devices. PLANET is also committed to its role as a global CSR leader as it has been recognized continuously over the years for international CSR awards. In this future era of smart network, PLANET will continue to come out with various innovative network products to meet market demands. It will also magnify its differentiated strengths and persistently commit to sustainable management for setting a new milestone in boosting its brand further.

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