Awarded Again! PLANET Renewable Energy Management Controller Proudly Receives “2021 Best Choice Award”

PLANET Technology Corporation, a global leading IP-based networking company, has announced its innovative Renewable Energy Management Controller (NMS-360V) has been awarded again for 2021 Best Choice Award under the Smart City category. PLANET Renewable Energy Management Controller (NMS-360V) is the world’s first controller that integrates green technology and exclusive intelligent PoE management functions to provide users with real-time management over renewable energy usage and connected PD operation status. It is specially designed to enhance the flexibility of building network infrastructures for smart cities using the off-grid renewable energy application. This is the second professional recognition from the information technology industry for the NMS-360V after winning the 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award. The second award achieved has, once again, proven PLANET’s insistence on continuing bringing out more innovative user-friendly management designs.

The NMS-360V can be easily used for remote locations as it is integrated with renewable energy technology and intelligent network management. With its user friendly intuitive touch LCD panel, administrators are able to remotely monitor networks powered by solar or any other renewable energy system from anywhere and to control the data transmission and power usage of connected PDs. This product also adopts the responsive web design to provide instant monitoring of the renewable power usage via mobile devices to enhance the network management efficiency of remote or wide areas.

The NMS-360V can manage up to 512 PLANET BSP-360 Renewable Energy PoE Managed Switches and 2048 IP Cameras to enhance the management efficiency of remote networks. Other than this, with its Cybersecurity, HTTPS, TLS, and user-defined access policy, the security of the network and client information are ensured. The innovative and user-friendly managment design of PLANET NMS-360V accelerates the development of off-grid network establishment for smart cities, wide area networks, national parks, reservoirs and other remote networks. This can also be the best solution to establish remote medical center networks under the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

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