PLANET Industrial 5G NR IoT Gateway Series Honored with the "2022 Taiwan Excellence Award"

PLANET Technology Corporation, a global leading IP-based networking company, is honored to receive the "2022 Taiwan Excellence Award" for its innovative Industrial 5G NR IoT Gateway Series (ICG-2515-NR Series), which is specially designed for 5G transmission in the harsh environment and to enhance the information security of 5G network. It realizes efficient and secure 5G network deployments for ITS, smart cities, telecommunication, industrial automation, and more.

To achieve extremely low latency communications in the industrial network, the ICG-2515-NR Series is the first Industrial IoT Gateway that integrates 5G NR, Wi-Fi 6 technology and multiple backup mechanisms. This product series comes with industrial-grade SSL/IPSEC VPN encryption, cybersecurity and user authentication to strictly protect information security. Furthermore, with this product series supporting PLANET cloud-based Network Management System and CloudViewer app, IT staff can monitor real-time network operation status remotely, thus promoting the management efficiency and flexibility of 5G networks.

In order to flexibly deploy 5G networks in different applications, the ICG-2515-NR Series provides basic version (ICG-2515-NR), Wi-Fi 6 version (ICG-2515W-NR) and PoE+ version (ICG-2515PW-NR). Specially, PLANET considers environmental sustainability while developing innovative products. For example, the ICG-2515PW-NR is equipped with PLANET exclusive intelligent PoE management for comprehensive energy-saving functions.

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