PLANET Obtains the ‘2022 Sports Enterprise Certification’

PLANET Technology, a leading global provider of IP-based networking products and solutions with a vision of sustainable development, has been granted the ‘2022 Sports Enterprise Certification’ in Taiwan for the first time for actively and creatively guarding employees’ health by doing regular exercise through a variety of health-related activities and welfares, thus creating a sports corporate culture.

The ‘Sports Enterprise Certification’ was launched by the Sports Administration under the Ministry of Education, Taiwan, R.O.C., in 2016. The Sports Administration values those enterprises that care about their employees’ health through doing exercise and sports. In return, employees with a sound mind and healthy body can abundantly contribute their expertise to the company, thereby improving healthy human resources and maintaining brand value. PLANET participated in this activity for the first time this year, and obtained the ‘Sports Enterprise Certification’, certifying that the company’s efforts in caring for employees through promoting sports and other health-related programs are not in vain. It certainly creates a healthy and happy workplace.

To implement regular relaxation exercises for its employees during office hours, PLANET invites fitness coaches for the 15-minute workout once a week. It saves employees’ time to go to the gym. The workout can avoid harm from sitting too long or correct poor sitting posture. The company also provides subsidies for employee associations. Every year, employees organize various sports voluntarily, and exercise together after working hours, improving communications between different departments.

At the same time, PLANET carries out the “Health 360” program to physically and mentally take care of employees’ health. Under this program, on-site health-care service is conducted quarterly to provide one-on-one health consultation to PLANET’s employees by family physician, doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, professional physical therapists, or counseling psychologist. In addition, PLANET provides all its employees, regardless of age, with annual health check-up, better than those stipulated by the government in terms of health checklist. After the health check, a doctor is arranged for those employees who need a doctor’s advice.

In addition, to further promote the sports and health culture, PLANET has launched the “Health Passbook” program. Employees who participate in sports or other health-related activities organized by the company or themselves can earn health points in their own digital health passbook. At the end of the year, employees can exchange their accumulated health points for prizes. The program encourages employees to exercise more, learn more health-related knowledge and engage in healthy activities.

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