PLANET AIoT Application Server Granted “Sustainable Tech Special Award” at COMPUTEX Best Choice Award 2024

Today, 4th June, at the 2024 COMPUTEX opening, PLANET Technology was awarded the “2024 COMPUTEX Best Choice Award – Sustainable Tech Special Award” for the AIoT Application Server.

Hundreds of candidates entered the COMPUTEX Best Choice (BC) Award this year, with only six selected for the Sustainable Tech Special Awards. The AIoT Application Server (NMS-AIoT) results from PLANET’s dedication to developing intelligent AI network devices as it showcases its innovation in the design of advanced network technology and AI energy management which stood out amongst many global brands to win the Sustainable Tech Special Award.

The organizer of the COMPUTEX BC Award specially made the Sustainable Tech Special Award as a direct response to the global trend in energy conservation and sustainability. The award-winning products must showcase excellence in functionality, innovation and market potential, and utilize environmentally friendly or recyclable materials that meet the trend of green procurement for a circular economy worldwide.

The industrial-grade NMS-AIoT features a unique cross-protocol AI intelligent energy management design. A single platform is integrated with multiple wireless and wired transmission protocols including LoRa, Wi-Fi, HaLow, Modbus and more. The platform utilizes AI technology to retrieve, analyze and manage data from various IoT sensors, including, but not limited to, current meter, water leak, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, light level, door/window sensors, etc. The record of energy usage and carbon emissions can serve as an ESG indicator to optimize energy efficiency and accelerate enterprise sustainable development goals. It is also developed by sourcing green energy chips that comply with the EuP Directive, reducing energy consumption by 40% and the carbon footprint of the product life cycles. Cybersecurity and the Patented Network Device Authority Management System feature further protect the AI cloud network, matching the need for AI digital transformation and global ESG standards.

In addition to receiving the Sustainable Tech Special Award, the NMS-AIoT also won the IoT Application Category Award at the 2024 COMPUTEX BC Award. The innovative and future-proof design ensures flexible deployment of private IoT cloud servers for applications such as smart cities, manufacturing plants, agriculture, transportation, medical facilities, etc.

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