PLANET achieved 'Corporate Governance System Evaluation Certification'

PLANET Technology Corporation, the global leading IP-based networking company, announced it has newly achieved the 'Corporate Governance System Evaluation Certification' for the public listed companies from Corporate Governance Association in Taiwan. The evaluation has set up high standards of corporate governance, which will serve as a major benchmark not only to keep the best of listed companies based in Taiwan but also to enhance the positive image of the Taiwan enterprises in the global economic.

"Corporate governance" means a mechanism for managing enterprises that fulfills the management's responsibilities while protecting the legitimate rights and interests of shareholders and giving due consideration to the interests of other interested parties. By taking the suggestions from OECD and local and foreign institutions on the reform of corporate governance, Corporate Governance Association in Taiwan created 80 indicators under the 6 criteria to evaluate the corporate governance of listed companies in Taiwan.

All the evaluation data scored and ranked was according to the following 6 main criteria:

● Assuring the rights and interests of shareholders 
 To encourage shareholder's participation in corporate governance 

● Enhancing transparency of company information disclosure
 Disclosure of information regarding relevant laws and regulations as well as financial performance on annual reports, and website 

● The effective management by the board
 To strengthen the structure of the board, the independent board directors system, the rules and decision-making procedures of the board,
    and the board members should act with due diligence and care in the best interest of the company 

● Disciplines and communication of management team 
 Complete internal control systems, core business and financial cost, and the cross-department communication channel 

● Emphasizing the balance of rights and obligations among interested parties
 Including employee welfare, corporate responsibility, and investor relationship

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