Letter to PLANET’s Partners - Keep Mutual Business Growth Going despite the COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear partners,

Facing the difficult challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, PLANET Technology as a global leading IP-based networking company has placed the health and safety of its employees, partners and stakeholders as its top priority, thereby benefiting the best interests of its employees, customers, partners and the society as a whole.

As the world is tackling the ongoing crisis, PLANET still maintains its normal operation to meet market demands. Like any other day, we will continue to advance technology level and develop innovative networking and communications products, not to mention our continuously immediate technical support and after-sales service. Please keep our business contacts going as usual so as to benefit businesses on the basis of mutuality.

Like always, we thank you again for your continuous support. With that, we will keep our innovative and sustainable core values in mind so as to always stay ahead of the competition to better serve you.

Wish you all the best!

27 March, 2020

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