PLANET Technology Celebrates its 30th Anniversary with a Performance from the OneSong Orchestra

PLANET Technology, the leading IP networking technology provider, celebrated its 30th Anniversary with a performance from the OneSong Orchestra on June 11th at the Eslite Performance Hall in Taipei.

The concert combined classical Taiwanese song pieces with Western musical instruments to bring a unique sound that reflects the brand of PLANET with music that symbolizes the value of innovation and sustainability. The music performed is made by four major Taiwanese composers: Yang San-lang, Vincent Liang, Chen Chih-yuan, and Kay Huang. Much like PLANET’s 30-year history bringing new technology to the industry, the composers’ talent spans three generations as they share and pass down their knowledge of music.

The OneSong Orchestra was co-founded by the entrepreneur, Lei Hui, and the Golden Melody Award Winner, Che-Yi Lee. It is the only orchestra in Taiwan in which they perform music pieces written and composed by Taiwanese as well as playing classical pieces infused with Taiwanese elements. Both OneSong Orchestra and PLANET are rooted in Taiwanese culture and share the common vision of not only showcasing our talent and technology to the people in Taiwan but also reaching out to share it with the rest of the world.

Friends and colleagues of PLANET were able to celebrate together with an evening of music and culture. Having reached the 30th Anniversary milestone, PLANET also held this concert to appreciate everyone who has supported the brand during these three decades.

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